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Applicable Area
inside cabinets, living room area, area without-light    
 Electrocatalysts use thermal energy in the atmosphere to decompose formaldehyde. Pollutants in the air are oxidized and reduced to non-toxic and harmless gases by electrocatalysts. It is safe as it does not produce any harmful gases during the process.  
Formaldehyde removal
It does not require UV and water as a medium to decompose formaldehyde.


It is hydrophobic so it is water-resistance thus eliminate mold


It is oleophobic so it is oil-resistant thus it can prevent oil pollution

Sakura Tech

Applicable Area
Wooden furniture, furniture, floor, curtains, ceiling and wall
Light-catalyst, so the name implies that it will decompose formaldehyde when it encounters light. Sakura Home is the exclusive agent of Toshiba Photocatalyst in Japan, because it has more than one hundred patents in Japan, which is 30 times more powerful than other photocatalysts, except for its basic formaldehyde removal effect. In addition, Toshiba Photocatalyst can achieve following


Decompose toxic and harmful (TVOC) organics in the air into (CO2) carbon dioxide and (H2O) water


Inhibits the growth of many molds, such as: Aspergillus niger

 Can eliminate bird flu virus (H9N2 subtype)

 Strongly oxidizes various odors and quickly eliminates indoor odors

Sakura Tech
Air catalyst

Applicable area
Indoor Living Space
Air catalyst is a nano-catalyst active material that is neutral in acidity and non-corrosive aqueous solution. Under the action of air, it decomposes formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water that is harmless and nontoxic.


Nanoparticles in air catalysts can penetrate into the air, which can degrade free formaldehyde in the air
Nanoparticles can quickly decompose formaldehyde in the room in a short time, reducing the formaldehyde concentration in the space.


In the decomposition process, only non-pollutant (water and carbon dioxide) are produced.

Sakura Tech

Applicable Area
Wooden furniture, crevices, and non-sprayable area
Glucagon is a formaldehyde-trapping agent which block and absorb formaldehyde from its source. Glucagon uses radiation irradiation technology and has been patented in Japan. It adsorbs and captures formaldehyde in the air, which will then convert it into amino acid-like substances and water.

It does not require UV and water as a medium in decomposing formaldehyde.


It passed Japan Biological Science Center “Oral Toxicity”, “Skin Irritation”, and “Eye and Mucosal Stability” 

No secondary

The whole process of adsorbing formaldehyde will not produce secondary pollution

3 packages with 4 types of technologies

Sakura knows that various indoor environments in Hong Kong require different levels of air purification treatment. Therefore, Sakura has designed three personalized and flexible packages for you. You can choose the purification service that suits your indoor environment and improve the quality of your home, office or your working environment. Sakura aims to use professional technology to regain a comfortable living and working space
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Economy Choice HK$ 2,800Up  
Tech:Electrocatalysts and Air catalyst
Applicable Area: Furniture, inside cabinets, Spacious area
Premium Choice HK$ 3,500 Up  
Tech:Electrocatalysts、Air catalyst and Light-catalyst
Appliacble area: Furniture, inside cabinet, spacious area and wall
All-round Choice HK$ 5,200 Up  
Tech:Electrocatalysts, Air catalyst, Light-catalyst, and Grafton Glucagon
Appliacble area:furniture, inside cabinet, spacious area, walls, curtain, ceiling, wooden furniture

Areas that cannot be sprayed: metal, ceramic tile, glass, marble, mirror and rubber.
Remote areas are subject to additional fees, please contact Sakura Home for details.