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Anything I have to prepare?

How will the formaldehyde removal process be?
How can I tell if the indoor formaldehyde level is safe or not?

Before the work

First, you have to clear the objects in the cabinet as much as possible. The furniture that needed to do formaldehyde removal has to be vacuumed and cleaned with water briefly to clear the sawdust because it may affect the infiltration process and the effectiveness of the chemical.

During the work

Our technician will take out all the drawers of the cabinet, ensuring that they are removing all the source of formaldehyde. They will use a specific spray gun to spread the catalyst on the furniture, space and source.

After the work

Our technician will repeatedly measure the concentration of TVOC in each space and the location of the source to ensure the work is done effectively. After the work is completed, you do not have to clean the furniture again. Certainly you can do the cleaning if you wish, since the coating will not be easily removed and will sustain its function

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